Hi!  I'm Frisco!  I was pulled as an exuberant fun loving over grown puppy when I was about 8 months old (8/9/13).  I'm a pretty good sized boy now, I'm 14 months old (4/8/14) and about 60-65 pounds.  I have wonderful house manners!  Two fosters share custody of me, one of them allows me on their furniture and the other one doesn't.  But I'm so smart that I remember my rules at both houses and hardly ever mess up!

I am very very good with kids.  I would love so much to have a kid of my very own.  I would play with it and hug it and kiss it.  I would run after a ball for it.  I would be the dog that it would remember when it was grown and had kids of their own.  I would be that wonderful with it.  I would also love their friends when they came over to play.

I am also very good with cats.  I like cats so much that I will sneak into the litter box sometimes and help my foster mom clean it out.  For some reason she gets mad at me when I do this, so I try not to.  I try not to sooo hard.  But sometimes I just can't resist myself.

I also love love love to play with dogs.  Both of my fosters have several other dogs and puppies for me to play with!  And I love them so much.  I was adopted once, only for three days and that family brought me back.  They said that I didn't like their dog. foster mom tried to explain to them that wasn't the case and that they just needed to give me more time and set boundaries, but they were too nervous to try for any longer.  I think that I just need a family that either has no other dogs.  OR that has other dogs that has a firm alpha already in place.  I think what happens is that when I come into your home, I want so much to please you and be everything that you want me to be, that I get confused.  And I just want to make sure that the other dogs in your house are already the boss and can take good care of you before I fall into line and be the good little soldier that I am at my foster mommies homes.

Now...I need to tell you something else.  When I first come to a new home I get really sad when you leave.  Once I'm there for a few weeks and know the routine it isn't hard for me any more.  But when I just come to a new home and you leave me, I can sometimes be bad.  One time I broke out of a wire crate.  Once I was loose I was a really good boy and I didn't hurt the furniture or anything...but my Mom was pretty mad at me when she got home and saw that I had gotten out of my crate.  So now she puts me in an airline crate if she is going to be gone for long.

Don't get me wrong!  I do like my crate!  If you are home or sleeping, you can put me in my crate and I will be so good and quiet for you.'s just that when you leave and I don't know your house very well, that's when I want to get out to check on things.

There is one more thing that I should tell you.  I am such an amazing dog.  I mean, I am such a good and perfect boy at home.  I'm that dog that you can have company over and I'm always happy to meet them.  I am that dog that tries to read your mind and do what you want even before you ask me to do it.  ...but...

...but... I'm not sure how to say this, but going places makes me stupid.  I get so so so excited when I get to go out of the house, like to Petsmart or to the vet...and well, I just get stupid.  I get so excited and anxious that I squeal like a little girl.  Once I'm at the place for a while I calm down, but my foster mommy tells me that I'm a real knucklehead when she takes me out into public.  My mommy wishes me to go to a family that wants a wonderful house dog and not a family that wants to take me everywhere with them.  I guess I'm just not that dog that can go to Petsmart or Dog Parks without acting stupid.

IF you think you might be the family for me, please please fill out an application on me. I pray every night for a real family of my own.