How to Help

Register your Kroger Card!

Please take a few minutes to enroll in the Kroger Community Rewards Program.

1. Visit
2. Register to create an account and sign in using your email address and password. 
3. Enter Tails of Hope  NPO #QW571 , or the first three letters of the organization's name (or type Tails of Hope), then click search.
4. Select Tails of Hope by clicking on the circle to the left of our name and save changes.

If haven't already designated the Tails of Hope as your favorite charity for your Kroger Plus card, please consider doing so. Kroger will donate 4% of what you spend to the homeless pets at Tails of Hope!

Sponsor a Dog! (Donations made via using the email

One of the biggest ways you can help us is by sponsoring one of our pets or one of our incoming pets. Sometimes people don't realize that every little bit does help. Our first level of sponsorship is a pull fee. For a donation of $7.50 it will cover our cost of pulling a dog from a rescue friendly shelter. For everyone that sponsors a pull fee, we will send you a picture of the puppy or dog that your funds went to helping.

$7.50 - Helps pull one dog or puppy from a rescue friendly animal shelter!

After we get in out dogs and puppies, many of them need to be vetted. Some of them will need additional vaccinations, health check, veterinary visits for illness or skin maladies, etc. The second level of sponsorship is for a vet visit. $19 can either buy a complete vaccination series for a puppy, or cover our cost for a minor vet visit, for things like a cough, skin malady, eye infection, etc.  We will make sure to let you know who and how your contribution was used!

$19.00 - Buys a vaccination series for a puppy or covers cost of minor ailment veterinary visit!

$22.00 - Will cover a Heartworm Test or Rabies on one dog!

$44.00 - Will cover a Heartworm Test AND Rabies for one dog!

$50.00 - Will Spay or Neuter one dog.

$75.00 - Buys a vaccination series for a litter of puppies!

$100.00 - Will fully vet an adult dog in most circumstances. Spay/Neuter, Rabies, HW Test, DHLPP and Nail Trim

Amazon Wishlist - Check out our Amazon Wishlist at the link below. Many items that we need and that the dog's enjoy can be found there.


Donate a Kuranda dog bed to one of our dogs in need. These dogs have so little and the comfort one of these beds would provide would be invaluable. Please can you find it in your heart to provide a little comfort to just one of our animals?
Donate a Kuranda dog bed.