Surrender Form

The harsh reality is that we get asked to take way more dogs than we are able. However, we are willing to take your requests, and at minimum provide you a courtesy posting on Petfinder, so long as the pet is already altered. Sometimes in the cases of puppies and young adoptable dogs, we may be able to help. Please fill out the following form and someone from Tails of Hope will get back to you.

If you adopted your dog from us, we WILL take them back into our program. The only issue is working them into a foster opening, so please be willing to work with us as we do that.

Also, if your dog or puppy was adopted from a reputable rescue, then they should take your dog back into their program. Do what you can to locate the original contract from your adoption, and contact the rescue that you adopted them from.

If you would like for us to post your pet, please email pictures to