Adoption Info

Where do your dogs and puppies come from:  Nearly all of our dogs and puppies come from at capacity kill shelters that are rescue friendly.  By taking a dog or puppy from a shelter, we free up a kennel or dog run, which not only saves the dog that we rescue, but also saves the life of another dog by providing the critical space that is needed.  Unfortunately, we can only do so much, and depend on adopters like you and fosters.  With each adoption, you free up a space with our rescue so that we can take in another, and with everyone that volunteers to help us foster - we can save even more lives!  If you would like to consider helping us by fostering, please contact us at

Requirements to Adopt: We feel that we are a reasonable organization. We require that our adoptive parents be good pet owners and be able to prove that through their actions with their current pets. The future of our dogs and puppies lie with us and we take placing them into their forever homes very seriously. If you are a first time pet owner, a vet reference on a parent will help expedite your approval. If you have an unaltered pet at home, a medical note explaining why the dog isn't fixed will be required or a compelling reason that we understand. We do not do pediatric spay or neuter in our program, and we will not adopt out an unaltered puppy to a home with an unaltered dog without a compelling reason and that will require invasive monitoring on our part. At the end of the day each decision is ours to make and we can deny an application for any reason, but our goal is to move each of our babies to their forever home.

Adult Adoptions:  The adoption fee is $150.  The majority of our adults cost the rescue more than we can recoup in adoption fees, but we really want to make sure that they have every chance at being adopted and enjoying a happy life. All puppies and adults will be fully vetted, which includes alter, Rabies, DHLPP and up to date on HW Preventative and Flea Preventative.  On some rare occasions, such as an animal that was recently rescued, the vetting may need to happen after the adoption application is filled out.  This would be at the rescue's expense, and would be arranged on a foster to adopt situation, with an appointment being made immediately to accommodate the vetting that is required.   As with all of our puppies and dogs, we do our best to determine breed and size when grown, using vet and shelter input. ...but we can not make any guarantees. 

Puppy Adoptions:  The adoption fee is $175.00. All puppies have at least their first shot and have been dewormed.  Older puppies will have age appropriate vaccinations, but do understand that sometimes an older puppy comes to us with no vetting and a late start is had with the puppy vaccination series.  As with all of our puppies, we do our best to determine breed and size when grown, using vet and shelter input. ...but we can not make any guarantees.

Born in Rescue Litters and Popular litters will often times require a non refundable deposit to hold.

Application Processing Details for Puppies

We will do our best to process your application in a timely manner, but I wanted to set your expectations from the get go to help manage your excitement level. Some litters of puppies (or puppy) have a LOT of interest. We have more applications than we have available pups. So please consider now as you wait for our reply if you would be interested in another puppy from our website at . We also have upcoming puppies almost weekly that aren’t listed, and being pre approved does help get higher puppy pick on future litters.

Many people are excited and eager to reach approval status and sometimes confused by our verbiage that we are ‘taking applications and deposits now’. I’m going to take this opportunity to give you an idea of how our application/adoption process works. We will process your application and be in touch with any additional questions that we need answered to help get you approved. Some common areas that hold up an approval are verifying home ownership or if you rent, we must verify pet policy, please be ready with a copy of your lease in the event we can’t reach your landlord. The biggest issue with approval is whether your current pets have an active vet history, are they up to date on shots, HW Preventative and fixed if appropriate. Having a copy handy of your latest vet records can also help expedite the process in the event that we can’t reach your vet or they can’t find your records.  If you are a first time pet owner, offering up a vet reference from your parents can often help expedite the process.

Once each application is approved, an email invitation will be sent to you allowing you to place a $50 non refundable deposit on the puppy of your choice, that will be applied in full to your adoption fee at the time of adoption. Each invitation will give you at least 24 hours to commit to a deposit before an invitation is sent to the next in line that is approved for that puppy. (Absolutely DO NOT place a deposit until you have received an invitation to do so.) The actual deposit invitation will go into more details about the specifics and answer any questions that you have that I don’t answer here.

We will do our best to match you with the puppy that you want, however due to demand we can’t make any promises. You are in no way required to place a deposit on the puppy that you want, but it is the only way to guarantee that it will be available for you to meet. Some people choose to wait and just attend our adoption events.  That is absolutely an option, we just can’t promise that any pups from the litter will be available and without a hold deposit at the time of our adoption event.

And if you were late to put in an application, please hold out hope, because a lot of people don’t feel comfortable placing a deposit, so there is a decent chance that you will get an invitation when the time limit expires on the person in front of you in line.