Who?:  Tails of Hope Animal Rescue is a 501.c.3 non-profit rescue, dedicated to finding forever homes for dogs and puppies that were abandoned.  Our outreach is limited due to our available foster space, but we do everything that we can to help pull puppies and dogs from at capacity kill shelters.  We generally try to focus on the tristate area, pulling from rural shelters in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, but sometimes we get pulled into cases from other parts of the country.

Once a dog or puppy comes into our program, we do age appropriate vetting and work hard to match them with approved homes.  We also are dedicated to making sure that each dog and puppy that comes through our program is altered so that they don't contribute in the future to the gross pet overpopulation problem that plagues the tristate area.  Older puppies and adults are altered before being adopted out, and puppies are required, via our contract and a spay/neuter deposit, to be altered when they are deemed old enough by a veterinarian.

When?:  We are a volunteer group and do not get paid, but we work pretty much around the clock to provide the care needed to the dogs and puppies, and are available most hours of the day to respond to emails and adoption inquiries.  We have an event every Saturday at the Colerain PetSmart in Cincinnati Ohio.  Our usual hours are from 11am to 4pm.

Where?:  Tails of Hope Animal Rescue does not have a physical shelter. We don't have the funds or staff to support such a large endeavor.  Instead we are a network of loving foster parents that care for our puppies and dogs through the week and meet at the Colerain Petsmart on Saturday and some Sundays for adoption events.  We work hard all week long to approve as many applications as we can, so that our available pets can go to their forever homes during our event hours.  We also try to make ourselves available to adopters through the week to meet approved applications if that is their preference and they're available to meet us.

Why?:  We won't take this space to preach, but put simply we're just trying to put a dent in it and save just one more.  I'm not exaggerating when I say that we get over a hundred requests a week asking us to help with at capacity kill shelters.  Every week they have to put down both dogs and puppies to make room for the new ones that are being surrendered and abandoned.  For every dog that we take, we save two - the one we rescued, and one more for making that space available for another week.  That's one more week of hope that another rescue can take them or an adopter can adopt them. If you have room in your heart and your home to foster, please consider sharing that gift with us.  You would be amazed how many pets you could help save in just one months time, it's a true gift to the animal community.

How?:  Our adoption process begins with completing an application at: https://petstablished.com/adoption_form/17013/generic   

and potential owners will be interviewed & evaluated, before approval is given.

Tails of Hope Animal Rescue reserves the right to approve or deny any application to adopt a pet from our organization. We do not adopt pets for resale or medical research.

Taking a pet into your home is a serious committment and we will make every effort to ensure that the adoption is a good match for both owner and companion animal.

To see a list of our available pets, click on the Available Pets tab.  Click here to fill out our online application at:  https://petstablished.com/adoption_form/17013/generic

.  Or if you have any questions please email any inquires to tailsofhope@live.com

**If you have any problems downloading our application please let us know!!!

**Do you have room in your heart to foster one of our wonderful animals? All supplies will be provided, along with all vet care. If you are interested please email us at tailsofhope@live.com